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New sensation
Hakikur Rahman

When there exists a huge gap
In between desire and reception
Then the stain will be cut in the heart
In the pain of not matching the account
There is a cry in the heart.
In the direction of new day light
Start the new journey
With the new sensation in the heart
Let us beat the drum.


Hakikur Rahman

The child comes to enlighten the house
There is joy everywhere
Every heart is stirred in that house
Everybody plays with a cheerful smile.
Day by day, come childhood, boyhood and youth
The success story goes with the whole life.
This way rolls the wheel of fortune
This hope remains to everyone
As if all are like a painted picture.


Guide of light
Hakikur Rahman

By wakening the midnight sleep
Who goes to the front
Enlightening the path
With sleep awakening song.
Become the guide of light
Continue to carry
By filling in hope
Overwhelming the heart.
This is very startling
Feels in mind and soul
With his heart awakening
Sleep breaking song.


Effort for winter
Hakikur Rahman
In this winter we are
trying to
Stay under coating
In various clothes
To cover the body.
And those who sleep
Under the open sky
Are we informed about them?
Can we not do something for them
To try a little
With a warm cloth
To fill their hearts.
If everyone agrees, then try a little bit
Happiness will be filled easily within the country.


To find the way
Hakikur Rahman

Finding this time, that time, foretime
Body and mind are tired
Seems it is worthless to find out
And the time is shortened.
Thoughtless thoughts
When it is monsoon, when it is drought
In such a crisis
The path is filled with ditches.
That way no longer
has any end
So, to find the way
Whatever remained.


Hakikur Rahman

When time has passed
Before anything can be found
When the target is lost
Before finding the right path, at the same time.
Present and non-existent
Junctions are on the way
The ideas become gray
Not understood in any way.
In one of the juncture
Get out of the way again
What happens when nobody knows
Crossing this path in vain.


Hakikur Rahman

Darkness under the shade of light
And walking in that dark
The front way is like a mirage
Yet, on the same path, success is said.
One side, the other side, both sides are inundated
Such like as the river in rainy days
Measuring the movement of hope and trust
The benefits are as such.
Still have to look
Whoever goes by the way
Still have to listen
Whoever speaks.


Junction of life
Hakikur Rahman

Coming to the junction of life
Calculating the availability, non-availability
The mind is upset
What did you want and what did you get?
In that pain
The frustration is all the time.
Hopes are devastated under the wheel of fortune
So life cries around
Receipt of seeking and non-seeking
Surrounded the courtyard of life.


Hakikur Rahman

His home is in an unknown village
Far away from the city.
He had two acres of land
And two cows for the plough
Plant the land of others with his land
So start with the life.
Youth has seen many dreams
Never got completed
Still did not stop walking
Life has not stopped yet.
Now at old age the body is lenient
The house, cows, plough have become old
Everything is lean and thin.
In this way a life has gone
with no mark
The hard days have been passed without any border
The way was dense.


Birth and death
Hakikur Rahman
Interval between life and death,
It is Life
Where is the end of life
It is death.
Life is temporary,
Death is everlasting.
No one has the control over life
There is absolutely no control over death too.
Yet, everyone is looking for the meaning of life
Keeping in mind, what will happen, after the death.



Hakikur Rahman

Fulfillment of receipt
And the pain of losing
Which one is more upsetting
In the realm of life.
Both of these marks are noteworthy
Receiving makes one successful
Failure makes one to fade.


Hakikur Rahman

The river flows through the sea
Sometimes straight, sometimes bent
Does not know where to stop.
In the rainy season becomes inundated
This side, that side, both sides become flooded
Takes everything that it finds in front.
Flood floats village, villages
Goes down
How much of the way and area.
In summer it becomes thin
Some routes become inaccessible
The river is unique in the era of breaking and making
So on the pages of life
Remarks outstanding.


In the blue pain
Hakikur Rahman

Roaming in the blue pain
Swimming in the blue of the ocean
Temporarily thinking rhetorical
I like to forget quite well.
Speaking against will
Walking on the unknown path
Running against fatigue
Floating in the wrong way.


Victory day
Hakikur Rahman

This is a glorious day
This is a victory day
A day of achievement.
Days have come in the ages
To any nation
Memorable memories
To the people.
This is a festival day
This is a happy day
This is a day of feeling.


Hakikur Rahman
When time is unlimited
When the path is motionless
Life is then stagnant
Then walking is ever-continuing.
When the answer to the question is inexpressive
When destination is purposeless
Attainment is then absent
Then dreams are at stake.


Traveler of desert

Hakikur Rahman



On a corner of the life of ignorance

Roaming for a short while

The pain of getting or not-getting

It is filled with depressed mind.

With what hope built the house

No one there near or far

For what the mind is waiting

Nobody is there for own.

All are unknown in the extend of vastness

Traveler of desert

The feeling of not getting anywhere.


The way of life
Hakikur Rahman

The way of life is unblinking
Does not know where it is started, where is the end
Just know, filled with running
The earth is filled with dots of time.
There may be borders, there maybe not
The limit may be seen, maybe there is none.
There is a desire to receive
But there is no time of availability
The way is full of fatigue
Which has no end.


Priceless Gem
Hakikur Rahman
On the way to the other side
When it is lost
Carefully kept in
He looks for that.
On the way to home, at the boat's front
Under the bottom of the oven, under the bench of the room, in the sides of the house.
Adolescence, and the youth have crossed
Now the old age came.
Nevertheless, he kept his hand in the hope
One day he will find his lost priceless gem.


Tired traveler
Hakikur Rahman
Tired traveler, wait a little.
You understood until yesterday,
which way you have to go?
You saw until yesterday,
how much emptiness is in the way back?
You heard until yesterday,
the cry of the emptiness?
Tired traveler, wait a little.
Do you know today,
which way you have to go.
Do you know today,
how many ways would you have to cross.
Do you know today,
where do you have to stop?
Tired traveler, wait a little.
Tomorrow after the sunrise,
which way you will cross?
Tomorrow after the sunrise,
you will go to what border?
Tomorrow after the sunrise,
what will be your path?
Tired traveler, wait a little.


Hakikur Rahman
His name is Kuber
Lives in a rural area.
There was a piece of land, cows for plough and a small house
With those he run his life.
He had to sell all for his daughter's wedding
Now become a day laborer
Eats if he get a work, otherwise remains half-eaten, or starving.
That's how it goes, the night comes
And the pains of despair just float in the air.
Finally he decided, he will go to the city in search of work
With so many hopes, one day departs for the city.


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