Title Local E-Government Management: A Wider Window of E-Governance.

Despite the immense popularity and potency of electronic government, it is remain uncharted in many countries regarding proper implementation at the local government level. However, technologies possess the prospect of improvement in the way government works, and make better interactions with their citizens. National governments are trying to realize this potential by finding ways to implement novel technology in spearheading its utilization to achieve the best services for their citizens. They range from awareness raising campaign, knowledge acquisition, social networking to strategic planning, development, and implementation. This article has tried to draw a line of reference by put forwarding the importance of local e-government organizational structure, and their supremacies in terms of utilization of ICT. Along this context, the article has attempted to synthesize a few prospective local e-government scenarios, focus on their adaptation of ICT, and puts forward recommendations to improve local e-government for offering better information services.

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