Title Managing Information for Real-Time Decision Support at Community Level.

Management of real time information systems is gaining importance in all sectors and facets of human life. Varying from their applications in aviation, military, government, space technology, earth science, robotics, human cognitive, life support systems, disasters and emergencies, they emerge in diversified forms and natures. This paper identifies various contexts in the decision making processes of community livelihood; contextualizes the relevant information for taking time-critical decision, conceptualizes appropriate decision making methods, tools, and technologies for proper implementation, and manages an appropriate decision support system focusing knowledge acquisition and learning. Along this perspective, the paper establishes a decision support system framework in the aspect of early warning system in reaching out to grass roots community people at their own language, sign, and interpretation; provides knowledge support during disaster management, especially during post-disaster; provides information support in agriculture related matters, focusing pest control, and pre and post harvesting issues; provides emergency health assistance support during road accidents, or emergency health cases, or epidemic breakouts; and finally provides collaborative learning to improve e-governance at community level.

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