AOIR2000: Abstract

Hakikur Rahman

SDNP Bangladesh.

Title- "Integration of Adaptive Technologies in Building Information Infrastructure for Rural Based Communities in Coastal Belt of Bangladesh."


Sustainable Development Networking Programme is a global catalytic initiative launched by the United Nations Development Programme in response to Agenda 21 articulating the need for improved information dissemination to support sustainable development. The program has been aiming at facilitating communication between users, agents, generators and suppliers of sustainable development information in developing countries.

Information flow would be treated as an alternate wealth for a developing society and this project would have taken this challenge of breaking the lags and leads of information barriers by creating an appropriate tool for achieving and facilitating exchange of information and knowledge among development partners, academia, policy makers and the civil society at local, national and global level to design and implement unique plans for sustainable development in Bangladesh.

Remote villages in the coastal belts seem lacking of information updates. Those rural community deprived of augmented information feels backlogging in events of natural disaster, sudden geographical unbalances, agriculture data, cultivation of lands, productivity of commodities, etc. Forming a community based virtual information centre would act as the nucleus of all these amenities of livelihood and the mass could be benefited from this sort of virtual information centres.

Initially dial-up connectivity has been thought of using a multi-media PC connecting to central node in support with a single channel FM Band radio station covering nearly 20Km radius running by solar panel, through several institutional collaboration and few technology integration. Balancing of technologies with symmetry of collaboration producing optimum connectivity and bandwidth of communications would lead to a Internet connected society and rich of information.

Keywords: Agenda 21, virtual information centre, Internet.


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