A new Computer Communication Protocol has been set up for an interface to handle low-cost, high-speed wideband data transfer between two hosts connected in a Token Ring Local Area Network, and the system is named ANET. Using several defined control characters, ANET interface provides some new features and modifications with respect to existing ring net protocols. Design values are accepted from simulation runs with reasonable interpretations in order to implement the new interface protocol using suitable microprocessor components. The main idea is to reduce the number of hardware parameters. Several hardware timers have been replaced by using fast software oriented timers, thus eliminating the complicated logic circuits and their inherent propagation delays.

Performance analysis of the implemented system is done considering several viewpoints and justified for its delay-throughput characteristics, bandwidth efficiency and is concluded with justification of  economical feasibility and satisfactory application in the field of Computer Communications. Hints are given to carry out future research work in this area, which ultimately strengthens the ANET Interface Protocol.

Full Thesis