ICACT2001: Abstract

Topic Area: Network Management, Operation and Maintenance.

Title: “Information Networking Through Distributed Nodes Sharing Minimum Bandwidth.”

Networking minimizes the task of un-optimized searching and sequencing in distributed environment. Individual stations connected to cluster of networks and eventually interconnected together using similar infrastructures and optimized protocols are becoming popular throughout the virtual communities. Networking with distributed nodes in constricted bandwidth needs adaptation of diversified tools and techniques to form a sequenced communicational entity under heterogeneous synopsis.

In developing countries where the basic backbone infrastructure of tele-communications is either missing or backdated, makes the designer to adopt diversified methodologies, indigenous knowledge and practical experiences over the years to manipulate the construction and compromises in various aspects during operational period. Implementation of these ideas brings the ultimate challenge to the implementation group through tireless efforts, minute thinking, keen observation, adopt sequences in steps, institutional collaborations, use planning through feedback and observations, formulate non-standard topologies depending on the circumstances and proceeding in modular phases.

Experiences indicate that implementation methodologies always differ abruptly from theoretical concepts at design stage and formulation of any particular method of approach for implementation becomes extremely difficult in these cases. The conventional trial and error method and best fitting technique with timely decision seems to dictate the policies.

All these efforts not necessarily would create a cost effective network, but in a sense general user could get something best out of everything. Therefore, networking in developing countries with poor connectivity, low transparency and constricted bandwidth remains a phenomenon, which need more attentive measures from global expertise. Otherwise, they would remain silent spectator of lavish utilization of fund with sacrificed compromises on cost and benefit.

Keywords: institutional collaborations, low transparency, constricted bandwidth.

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