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"Adoption of IT Methods in Distance Education: Perspective- Bangladesh Open University"

Md. Hakikur Rahman, Computer Division, Bangladesh Open University, Board Bazar, Gazipur 1704, Bangladesh.

Bangladesh, being one of the least developed country in this region with high ambition and highest budget allocation in education sector has to take a realistic leap towards achievement. Government has taken diversified programs to raise the level of education. Objective of Bangladesh Open University is to spread out education for general mass to the remotest region of Bangladesh using advanced IT techniques. Keeping in mind about the Socio-economic standing of Bangladesh and the contemporary world, computer and electronics media have been brought at the door front of university student for the development of information technology. BOU's specialty is to offer formal and non-formal education using radio, television and computer. In this way not only university students' are attaining knowledge, but also, conscious citizen of the whole society are becoming knowledgeable and preparing for the betterment of the nation and the society. At present BOU has an established computer network where two dedicated servers are connected. one is Linux based by which more than hundred in-campus users and twelve regional resource centres outside campus are getting e-mail facility. The other one is Windows NT based gateway by which nearly 20 in-campus workstations are communicating. In a short time all RRC's will be brought under this NT network administration. A set of Questionnaire need to be developed for a random sample survey throughout Bangladesh with the help of existing 12 RRC of BOU. An infrastructure may be set up incurring substantial changes in the conventional learning methods from survey reports, analysis of findings and suggestions from eminencies in the field of distance/ open learning involving information from Internet to promote the computer supported collaborative learning environment. A bench mark has to be setup to accumulate data regarding understanding of the rate of technological media involving interactive multimedia methods in knowledge extension, beyond conventional learning processes. Strategies to support education, knowledge extending methods and research on a mass scale thus promoting the techniques to the door step of every user globally for capacity building of any individual through lifelong learning process has to be established. The information infrastructure involves the extensive use of a digital library using necessary LAN/WAN communication network. Implementation of this virtual learning methods need to count legal, ethical, social, economical and institutional dimensions.

keywords: Linux, Windows NT, gateway, interactive multimedia methods, Internet, conventional learning, collaborative learning, LAN/WAN, virtual learning.

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