ICEGOV2009: Abstract

Title Framework of e-Governance at the Local Government Level

With presumptions that e-government theories prevail in various formats and concepts around the globe, nations and institutions, not many examples are there to emulate in terms of developing a framework of e-governance system at the outer periphery of the government tiers. However, the prevailing fact is that major research institutions are carrying out researches to framework e-government systems and various countries have taken leading role in implementing them in diversified forms. Despite, nature and characteristics of e-governance predominantly depend on numerous parameters across the society, culture, economy, politics and geographies, researchers are thriving towards achieving desired outcome. Many nations have taken ICTs as their thrust sector for many years, involving patronization from the highest authorities of their countries. Global organizations like, World Bank, United Nations including their sub-agencies, and institutions like United Nations University, Center of e-governance research of renowned universities and research institutes, and others have been conducting researches exploring aspects of promoting e-government theories and practices around the globe for quite a long time. However, surprisingly till date most of the e-government programs in the country of implementation, or e-government research at the research institution could not be taken as granted, and foremost many of them could not come out as a major accomplishment. This research would like to carry out a comprehensive analysis on various theories built around the e-governance concept, but, the prime focus will be devoted to penetration of e-government system at the grass roots. To narrow down further, the study will conduct analytical observations in developing and transitional economies. Furthermore, to be more concise, the research will specifically focus on e-government implementations at the grass roots that penetrated the lowest tier of the governance system for community empowerment and knowledge enhancement. In conclusion, it will try to put forward prospective research agenda, including framework of a future e-government system at the local government level.  

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