IPEF2001: Abstract

“Adhering to the innovative IT policies in a developing society: perspective Bangladesh.”

Internet in a sense has given aspirations to the raising societies of the emerging nations and unprecedented opportunities to masses of millions towards new horizon of explorations by forming virtual networks and communication interfaces, which in a way have been reducing the digital divide. Electronic communications has broadened the range of interactivity between wide range of users by diminishing distance, culture and boarders by forming a means of coherence between global societies. Interactive coexistence between information dividends led to subsistence e-governance and increased adaptability in IT amenities.

Widespread use of Internet has increased information dissemination leading to enhance interactivity in developmental activities and human resources development. One of the main beneficiaries is accumulating unconnected masses of the developing societies, including huge outgrowing beneficiaries from developing countries. It has been found that 48% of the Internet users use English as the medium of communication, while 52% are non-English and among the Internet language, share of Asian languages is 23% with a forecast of 270 million of Internet users by the year of 2003 within this region (Global Reach, 2000). Forming a tiny portion of the Asian society, a portal from Bangladesh has been run by the Sustainable Development Networking Programme (SDNP) of UNDP to disseminate knowledge and information through computer networking by instigating formation of a unique tool of communication between development partners in the country.

Based on Linux and NT servers, the backbone of SDNP constitutes of dial-up leased line, VSAT link, and wireless nodes to high-speed broadband communication network. Remote regional networks is going to be set up in vital locations for offering information gateway to enrich the society providing email, Internet, updated databases on livelihood requirements, ingredients of electronics commerce and web-based database management. Utilizing the facilities of institutional collaborations these networks are meant to connect 1000 users at the central and regional nodes by forming a virtual wide area network to access the dynamically routed web servers and creating information user groups through electronically published newsletters, on-line discussion forums, guest books, polling for contents and actively developed databases.

SDNP is taking the steps in establishing this huge countrywide network to the remotest regions of the country by adhering to the recent congenial policies adopted by the government towards extension of IT based activities for the betterment of common masses and expects to contribute furthermore by adopting innovative measures and methodologies.

Keywords: e-governance,  electronics commerce, web server.

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