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Title: Interactive Multimedia Technology for Distance Education in Bangladesh Open University

Bangladesh, being one of the least developed countries in this region with a population of 120 million mostly rural population, is progressing with great ambition and highest allocation in budget for education sector ever towards its dream of a 100% educated population by the year 2006. By virtue of its nature, information technology plays an important role in this development. Established by the Bangladesh government in 1992, the Bangladesh Open University at present has an enrollment of nearly 140,000 students, and that is expected to increase over 500,000 by next five years. With the University playing key role in general education, necessary infrastructure has been set up and more planned approach is needed to reach the general population located at remote regions to enhance this collaborative learning system different from the conventional learning system. Radio, television and computer technologies including use of Internet and interactive Multimedia methods are all components of the effort promoting virtual learning methodologies. A fiber optic based Wide Area Network (WAN), a Linux based e-mail server and a Windows NT based gateway are already working within the main campus of the University communicating to 12 Regional resource Centres, 80 Local centres and connection will be established in a short time to all universities of Bangladesh through a leased telephone line or preferably through a high speed radio-link. This huge project involves not only technology issues, but moral, legal, ethical, social and economic issues as well.

* keywords: Interactive multimedia methods, Internet, conventional learning, collaborative learning, virtual learning.

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