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(A project funded by the UNDP).





(A project funded by the ADB).



S.S.C., 1972, Nawabpur Govt. High School, Dhaka, First Division

H.S.C., 1975, Notre Dame College, Dhaka, First Division

BSc.Engg. (Electrical & Electronics), 1981, Bangladesh Univ. of Engg. & Technology, Dhaka, First Class

M.E. (Specialization in Computer), 1986, American University of Beirut, Beirut.

Ph.D. (Computer Engg.), 2001, Ansted University, UK.



BSc. Engg. on "Design and Implementation of Walkie-Talkie Set (Transciever) under guidance of Prof. Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman Khan (Former Head of Computer Engg. & Science Dept. BUET).

M.E. on "Design and Implementation of a Token Ring Local Area Network Interface" under guidance of Prof. Dr. Nassir H. Sabah (Dean of Engg., AUB).

Ph.D. on "Large-Scale Information Dissemination in Congested Bandwidth over Dynamically Distributed Wide Area Networks exposed to Web Database Systems" under guidance of Prof. Dr. Larry V. Wilson (Dean, Dept. of Computer Engg., AU).


                Speaking     Reading      Writing

Bangla      Proficient    Proficient     Proficient

English     Proficient     Proficient    Proficient

and preliminary knowledge of Arabic (Colloqual), French, German, Urdu and Hindi.


A. January 2007 to till Date

Position: Chairman

SchoolNet Foundation Bangladesh

(A non-profit organization working in the field of ICT, HRD, education, health, environment, disaster management and social development)

B. December 1999 - to December 2006 


Position: National Project Coordinator

SDNP Bangladesh (UNDP).

TOR of SDNP Coordinator (Quoted from UNDP Mission Report: SDNP Bangladesh, July 1-9, 1999 by Radhika Lal, UNDP Headquarters.):

Under the supervision of the Project Director and in consultation with the Steering Committee and UNDP, with the assistance of SDNP_NY, the SDNP Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of implementing and managing the SDNP project.

  • The SDNP Coordinator is expected to have very good understanding of the issues related to and main players involved in promoting sustainable development in Bangladesh and otherwise, a demonstrated understanding of the use of information technology for computer mediated communications, demonstrated and strong managerial skills, have good writing skills, and have good interpersonal and communication skills along with initiative and drive;
  • The SDNP Coordinator will be responsible for helping to develop, adapt and implement the program of work and a detailed budget based on the approved project document. Would be responsible for managing the ongoing tasks of research and analysis, for making recommendations regarding priorities and the expenditure of funds, and for doing this in consultation with members of the SDNP Steering Committee and other mentioned above;
  • The Coordinator is also be responsible for developing marketing and business plan and/or other plans for the ongoing operation of the SDNP with the objective of placing the operation of a self-sustaining basis;
  • The SDNP Coordinator has to be an entrepreneur for the SDNP;
  • The SDNP Coordinator has to work closely with the SDNP Steering Committee, the UNDP Resident Representative and his/her staff and consult with the Technical Advisor SDNP in New York;

In consultation with other SDNP staff, the SDNP Steering Committee and partners in SEMP programme, as appropriate, the SDNP Coordinator is to:

  • Help develop the main programme areas for the SDNP to focus on. This is to include identifying local and other sources of information and expertise on issues related to sustainable development in Bangladesh, and developing a variety of information products and services to disseminate and communicate this information;
  • A key component of this would be marketing information products and services which do not impinge on its mission to provide access to important Sustainable development information. The SDNP Coordinator, with the help of the Steering Committee, will develop and implement a marketing plan and eventually, the business plan for the SDNP.)
C. February 1998 - to December 1999

Position: Director

Computer Division

Bangladesh Open University

Gazipur 1704, Bangladesh.

Work Description:

* Manage the Computer Division with existing fiber optics based WAN under Lunix (e-mail system server), NT (asynchronous communication server) and Novell (mirrored database server) with nearly 200 PC and more than 300 users.


* Provide proper supervision in the maintenance & necessary technical up-

gradation of Computerized network providing point-to-point communication inside BOU Campus.

* Offer technical guidance/assistance to the implementing vendor and team of Computer Division for procurement/installation/maintenance of the fiber optics based Local Area Network/Wide Area Network for proper implementation & operation.

* Offer necessary logistics & technical support to Computer Division and Software development team for proper implementation of ORACLE based Computerized Student Information Management System (SIMS) and maintain liaison with all Directorates, Schools and Divisions for proper analysis, development, up-gradation, testing & debugging, pre-inspection & final inspection including operation of the entire software under LAN/WAN communicating to all RRCs through network.

* Provide guidance in the maintenance & up-gradation of e-mail network and NT based servers communicating inside & outside BOU main Campus.

* Maintain liaison with the Vice-Chancellor, Pro-vice Chancellor, Treasure, Deans, Registrar and other Divisions for necessary decision making processes, procurement phases & implementation phases.

* Guide in maintaining internal inventory, receive-issue processing of PC & peripherals.

* Guide the maintenance team of hardware & software from Computer Division in smooth operation of existing PCs, Printers, UPS, AVR, entire network including all sorts of periphearal.

* Offer technical guidance/assistance to other Computer related activities inside BOU Campus to achieve a successfully operated Computerized Management Systems.

* Propose/guide/assist in development of any advanced Technology based system for the improvement of BOU, computerized activities.

* Perform any other additional activities as per directive of BOU authority.

D. May 1996 - January 1998

Position: Computer/IT/MIS Expert

Fisheries Survey, Monitoring and Evaluation Progam

Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge Authority

Environmental Unit

Work Description:

* Coordinate all MIS activities related to fisheries and environmental concern

* Main goal of the project is to counteract environmental effects caused by the impact of

Jamuna bridge construction and project components include,

- establishment of baseline fisheries data;

- preparation of survey and monitoring manual;

- enumeration of socio-economics of affected fisher-folks;

- survey of open and closed water bodies;

- limnological and hydrological studies;

- proposal for aqua-culture development;

- alternative employment generation;

and monitor

- aquatic habitat in closed and open water;

- changes in ecology, limnology and hydrology;

- progress in aqua-culture development;

- employment generation activities;

- mitigation benefits and

- socio-economics of Project Affected Persons (PAPs).


* Prepare computerized list of villages of all affected thanas in Tangail, Sirajgonj and

Manikganj Districts

* Collect all maps related to the study from LGED, SPARSO, DLR, etc. and locate the project affected components

* Identify affected villages, plan, organize and co-ordinate the survey groups for survey program

* Supervise gathering of field data as per requirement of all Experts, viz., Pond-Fish Culture Expert, Socio-economist, Hydrologist, Limnologist and Monitoring & Evaluation Expert and analyse them after data processing

* Designing of all questionnaire and data collection proforma as per need of the project for evaluation and analysis

* Preparation of Information Sheet, Input Sheet and Output Formats

* Development of a MIS on open and closed water bodies and enumeration of socio-economics of affected PAPs within the impact area using FOXPRO Computer Package

* Coding of field data from Input Sheet / Information Sheet / Questionnaire and entering them in specific databases with assistance of Data Entry Operator and train them for proper handling of those databases

* Preparation of Reports and Report Formats

* Assist other Experts in data analysis technique to obtain optimum output

* Maintain computer related equipments and manpower properly for smooth operation of the project.

* Maintain liase with World Bank, other NGOs and other Govt. agencies

E. October 1989 - April 1996

(April 1996-till date)

Position: Chief Instructor-cum-Director, Principal

Institute of Computer, Management & Science (ICMS Computer College)

(Approved by the GOB & Bangladesh Technical Education Board)


* Preparation of all course materials and manuals

* Preparation of syllabus

* Conduct specialized courses, specially from personnel of different govt. and non-govt.


* Conduct LAN (Local Area Network), Hardware Troubleshooting, Professional Programmers courses

* Maintain liaise with GOB and TEB for student's registration, affiliation fee, syllabus and other affairs

* Overall management of the institute

F. November 1988 - October 1989

Position: Production Manager

Limo Electronics Limited and

Service Manager

Toshiba Service Centre, Tejgaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

(A Company manufacturing B/W TV, CTV, Two-in-One,

and Toshiba Dealer in Bangladesh)


* Maintain production control in association with production floor, marketing department and sales department

* Labor management of nearly 100 engineers, supervisors, assemblers, etc. at the production floor

* Modify circuits, modules in need for production facilities of television and two-in-one

* Assist the management in L/C management

* Report weekly and monthly production data in CKD, SKD and assembled form

* Liase with banks due to lien formalities

* Supervise Service Centre as per direction of Toshiba, Japan.

G. April 1987 - October 1988

Position: Production Manager

Micro Electronics Limited, Dhaka

(A Company manufacturing Consumer electronics)


* Making weekly and daily production program and to execute them

* Improve the design and quality of the production under the guidance of the Technical Director

* Develop Quality Control to achieve Zero defect under the guidance of the MD and the TD

* Prepare Instruction Manual

* Analyze the defects reported from the market and take preventive and corrective measures by modification of design and improving the manufacturing process

* Maintain Inventory in Store and production department

* Other incidental works required by the production control

H. February 1986 - September 1986

Position: Research Fellow

Computer Science & Engg. Dept. BUET, Dhaka


* Design and implement a Project Proposal on Introduction of Local Area Network in BUET Campus using existing PABX and telephone network under the guidance of formar Head of Dept. Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman and former VC, Dr. Abdul Matin Patwary.

* Thesis guide to MS Students and prepare guideline for Library maintenance for the dept.

I. July 1982 - February 1983

Position: Assistant Engineer

Airport Development Agency

(Civil Aviation Authority)


* Maintenance of emergency power plant, airport air-conditioning system, run-way lighting control

* Installation of radar station and VIP terminal

* Maintenance of Indoor-outdoor Neon sign display

* Management of electrical and mechanical emergency maintenance works

J. January 1982 - June 1982

Position: Instrument Engineer

Schlumberger S/A

(USA origin firm working with Petrobangla)


* Instrumentation in drilling rigs in Kampta, Tongi; Biani Bazar, Sylhet and Bakhrabad, Comilla

* Maintenance of instruments and logistic equipments in camp site

* Liaise with USA Headquarters, GOB and other agencies

K. July 1981 - December 1981

Position: Lecturer

Dhaka Engineering College, Dhaka

(BIT, Dhaka)


* Teach all electrical and electronics courses in Electrical Engg. Dept. and Mechanical Engg. Dept.

* Assist in all practical courses.

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