PCF2004: Abstract

Title Empowering Marginal Communities with Interactive Education Systems.

Methodologies involving issues to empower remotely distributed communities localized with sub-standard information backbone are still in demand of imperative attention from the policy initiation level in each country. Especially, nations with constricted global Internet bandwidth, rustic social condition, not properly managed information networks, unnecessary preconditions in formulating action plans and related agenda, and the least not many exalted perseverance at the national level.

Particular attention should be given to grass-root level participants in formulating non-conventional approaches to elucidate on demand driven content by articulating marginal communities in homogeneous coherence, and at the same time emulating to multifarious conjunctures of socio-economic elements.

Efforts have been given in this paper in synthesizing contents dependent on technologies, meant for distant mode of education, and analytical approaches are rendered with synopsis from condigned illustrations around the continent to develop a pragmatic repository of education system. A system of collaborative learning meant for future generations, but to be dedicated specifically for marginal communities.

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