WATRAMA2000: Abstract

Hakikur Rahman


Establishment of Virtual Information Centres at Cyclone Shelters in Bangladesh Coastal Belts.


Natural disaster has became a regular phenomena in the deltaic belt of the Bay of Bengal and adequate information flow is one of the inevitable reasons in most cases for unnatural death. Due to constricted communication systems major area in Bangladesh is not only affected by natural disasters, but also lacks proper education system, adequate health care facility, balanced gender equity, environmental awareness, etc. which are deteriorating social commitments of these masses.

In collaboration with some other agencies, Sustainable Development Networking Programme in Bangladesh could set up a venture in preparing a backbone of ICT infrastructure to those remote locations and initiate computer communications with the central location at the capital city adopting dial-up procedure.

Initially the connectivity can be used for email purpose and each station could connect twice or thrice daily with the central node to keep the NWD (Nation Wide Dialing) network telephone cost at a minimum level. Due to lack of a robust IT backbone, this project would have to adopt dial-up procedure at the initial 2-3 years period and project related web-based databases and information. These information could be downloaded at the central node, copied in HTML format and installed in the virtual information centres, so that general people could run these CDs or browse the offline web-pages for desired information.

Information could start up with simple agriculture related data, market rate of agriculture products, availability of general commodities and products, preliminary GIS database to complicated resource economics and policy management.

A management committee approved by the central node could run each nodal point with the policy of making it sustainable after initial subsidy period.

Keywords: ICT, NWD, CD, HTML, GIS.

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